Local Concrete Driveway Companies

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Local Concrete Driveway Companies

Most driveway contractors have experience with this type of project, but some outsource the procedure to a bricklayer. Size and thickness are the primary factors that influence concrete driveway costs. A traditional rectangular driveway will cost less than a stylized one, like a curved driveway with brick pavers along the edges.

Various governing bodies define nominal mix ratios into a number of grades, usually ranging from lower compressive strength to higher compressive strength. As stated by Abrams’ law, a lower water-to-cement ratio yields a stronger, more durable concrete, whereas more water gives a freer-flowing concrete with a higher slump. Impure water used to make concrete can cause problems when setting or in causing premature failure of the structure. Prestressed concrete and post-tensioned concrete were pioneered by Eugène Freyssinet, a French structural and civil engineer. Concrete components or structures are compressed by tendon cables during, or after, their fabrication in order to strengthen them against tensile forces developing when put in service. And the first reinforced concrete house was built by François Coignet in 1853. The first concrete reinforced bridge was designed and built by Joseph Monier in 1875.

Permeable Driveway Options: What Are The Best Materials?

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What factors affect the cost of installing a concrete driveway?*

However, like any outdoor surface, concrete driveways are subject to the elements and wear and tear over time. Nationally, the total cost of a concrete driveway ranges between $3,200 to $11,500. The cost varies depending on the desired decorative colors and finishes for the driveway. Generally, a plain gray concrete driveway costs between $5 to $7 per square foot, while a decorative driveway can range from $8 to $18 per square foot. The sealant keeps moisture out of the cracks, protects the surface against extreme weather, and helps reduce the impacts from de-icing agents and other chemicals. The cost to pave a new concrete driveway depends on the size, thickness, slope, colors, shape, design and decorative elements, materials, site prep, labor, location, and climate. You can and should fill small concrete cracks yourself to prevent them from getting wider.

Use caution when allowing heavy vehicles over curbs as they can crush the edges of existing curbs and roadways. Because no two stencilling jobs are exactly alike, you need to get quotes for concrete stencilling, but it’s usually between $100 and $150 per square metre. On average, concrete stencilling a driveway costs between $3,000 and $4,500 depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the driveway. A coloured concrete driveway only costs about $10 per square metre more than plain concrete. Because the colour is added to the concrete mix, it will last longer than concrete paint or spray-on concrete. Aggregate for ready-mix concrete, by replacing from 10 to 45% of the natural aggregates in the concrete mix with a blend of cement, sand and water. Because the RCA itself contains cement, the ratios of the mix have to be adjusted to achieve desired structural requirements such as workability, strength and water absorption.

Additional Costs of Concrete Driveway Repairs

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Many contractors include sealing as part of the overall project quote, so talk to your contractor before accepting a bid. Location impacts driveway installation costs when compared to the national average, as do labor, inflation, and climate.

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