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Beauty How-Tos: step-by-step makeup tips and hair how-tos: Beauty How-Tos

Sensient Beauty’s innovative and natural elements simplify the formulation of products that align with the clean makeup trend. Our wide range of plant-based extracts obtained by way of sustainable methods allows beauty brands to create eco-conscious and ethically sourced options. Natural film formers provides a transformative method to product formulation. Rooted in natural origins, these […]


How Important Is Washing and Drying the Feet Daily?

Personally, I’ve never been involved about foot health till I embarked on my footwear (obsessed) journey and realized my feet were being neglected. If you’re questioning about current footwear developments, Trepal says fabric kickers, like cotton slip-ons or canvas sneakers, are fine. Read more about Chinese Mistress here. I was identified with Achilles tendonitis, and […]

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