Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Software

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Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Software

While exact features can vary, these tools allow business owners to exercise greater control over when and how their team members work. That makes it pretty clear that software trumps pen and paper because software offers all the advantages of the pen-and-paper method, and then some. Sure, there’s a learning curve, but using free employee scheduling software will save you time and money in the long run.

Employee Scheduling Software how

The only downside is such that you need to learn how such a free scheduling app or software works. But just think about it—it’s better to spend one hour on learning how it works, rather than devote 1 hour every week or month adjusting the schedule manually. Focus on expanding your business by facilitating employee scheduling across multiple sites and job locations from a centralized location. Keep an accurate record of your employees’ working hours in one location so that it is convenient to approve time off, overtime, and other requests. Offer employees the flexibility to select open shifts, promote a productive workforce, and augment effective staff performance. Enable staff members to swap and offer shifts with relevant and qualified co-workers, and improve team engagement. Plan shifts, employ intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities with templates, copy schedules from prior weeks, and revolutionize your scheduling process.

Increased efficiency and reduced errors

Efficiently allocating work hours through scheduling software helps to ensure that employees are productive during their assigned shifts, maximizing output while minimizing unnecessary labor expenses. Overall, effective employee scheduling is an essential tool for controlling labor costs and improving the financial performance of any organization. Homebase is a cloud-hosted resource scheduling and time tracking solution that offers capabilities like time clocks, budget forecasting, team calendars and automatic notifications.

With these web-based systems, you can access employee scheduling features from the cloud. Common platform compatibilities include Mac, Windows, and Linux as well as Android and iOS devices. In addition to Humanity’s employee scheduling capabilities, the software features a robust reporting system that covers more than a dozen different reports, including attendance and labor costs. With the ability to look at minute data surrounding your employee scheduling efforts, you’re able to properly adjust how you handle the schedule week to week.

One feature you won’t get with Homebase is a built-in artificial intelligence that provides feedback on, and insight into, the schedule you’ve created. Like Wrike, Asana falls more on the task-management end of the spectrum and is designed to help you break projects into manageable pieces and assign them to your team members. Trello also integrates with a number of the apps on this list (like Google Drive, Dropbox, Docs, Sheets, and others) to meet your team’s unique business needs. Requiring that your employees download two or three separate programs to access their schedule is a bit much.

Here’s a free demo that shows you how to use Planday to enhance your business. Feeling like valued employees can make a significant difference to your team’s quality of life.

For Managers Who Want Better Cost Control

Let’s take a look at steps of building a basic scheduling software design that allows a reasonable level of detail in time tracking. Yes, many employee scheduling software solutions come with dedicated mobile apps.

For more precise control of the complexities of shift work, you’ll need a powerful suite of tools that gives you control of your entire staff rota. But, if you’re looking for shift-planning software to coordinate when your team members work throughout the week, Wrike might not be the best choice. Its primary display is a Gantt chart that gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on as you create and manage multiple projects. And while DRoster does offer a free version of its program, the functionality is limited.

Efficiency and Cost Savings: Revolutionizing Restaurant Payroll

Yes, a text document is a step up from pen and paper, but it’s only a very small step. Even if you do decide to use a text editor as your schedule maker, it’s still not super conducive to rapid mass distribution. Read more about Employee Scheduling Application here. Like pen and paper, a text document requires another step to get it into your employee’s hands. For starters, it doesn’t require anything more than, well, a pen and a sheet of paper.

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