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Never attempt to cut, install, or otherwise work with glass yourself. If you’re unsure of whether you need to replace a window, give us a call. We’re happy to assess the structural soundness and efficiency of your current window. If we determine it can be repaired, we will repair your existing window. If it needs to be replaced, we’ll remove your window and replace it with a new one as quickly as possible.

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Use our window repair cost estimator below to calculate the price of window repair for your home, and browse our guide to consider various cost factors. Make sure you choose a glass company you can trust to repair and replace broken windows in your home. Kingwood Glass Co in Porter, TX, specializes in a variety of glass replacement and repair services and we’ve been serving Kingwood/Humble for nearly 40 years. Windows may seem simple at first glance, but they often have many parts, so different window problems can occur that require professional repair.

This way, your new windows will be both beautiful and fully functional. Read more about replacement glass here. For even greater energy efficiency, consider replacing aluminum window frames with wood, wood-clad, or vinyl (UPVC) sashes. Alternatively, adding storm windows and a solar film dramatically increases energy efficiency.

If you need a window repair, call a licensed handyman, contractor, or professional window repair company to assess and repair the problem. Many of these workers have set fees for different window repair types, but others charge by the hour. In general, expect to pay from $50 to $100 per hour for window repairs. Some repairmen have call-out fees of around $50, but these fees are usually waived if you hire them to do the repair. Certain contractors and companies might also charge extra if they have to drive long distances to get to your house. This is one of the cheapest window types to repair because transom windows are usually small and simple, being installed above doors. Issues may arise with the frame and pane, and repair costs can be higher if the pane is made of decorative or colored glass.

Other factors, like the material and the extent of the damage, can greatly affect these prices. Do your research before hiring a local window repair contractor. Look at their website to vet their licensure and experience, and read customer reviews on Google, Yelp, or other review sites.

Is it more cost-effective to repair or replace a window?

Whether you’re looking to repair a crack in a window or replace a broken mirror, call Kingwood Glass Co today. For example, a multipaned window is more expensive to fix than a single-paned window due to the added repair complexity. Tinting adds privacy and costs around $330 to $570, but prices vary depending on the window size, type, and number.

Insulated Glass Repair

However, in other cases our team may be able to replace the broken pane with a replacement insulated glass unit. This is a sealed replacement window pane with two pieces of glass and specialized gas trapped inside to help with insulation. Our team can walk you through your repair options to get your window fixed as soon as possible after a break-in. Today’s windows offer better energy efficiency and seal than older windows. For these reasons, an investment in window glass replacement often pays for itself with your energy savings and increased property value. In some cases, the damage in and around your window glass, sash, casing, seals and trims can outweigh the costs of performing repairs.

Anthem, AZ, is a family-oriented community and SR Windows & Glass of Anthem is proud to call Anthem home. In fact, according to the Parenting magazine and the Phoenix Magazine, Anthem is one of the best family-friendly communities to raise a family. What’s more, the community offers a stunning view of the North Valley and the sharp-edged Gavilan Peak. Murphy sought to make the previous desert land appealing with a little marketing. The Arizona Canal would now provide water to what was once a barren desert. The name Glendale was specifically chosen to help encourage the image of an oasis in the desert, making it more appealing to buy. He even encouraged settlers from Peoria, Illinois to take residence in an area to the immediate northwest of Glendale, also called Peoria.

If the damage involves only the window panes, it’s usually possible to repair the window by replacing the glass. Installing new glass is usually quicker than waiting for a company to replace your entire windows. Are your windows cracked, perpetually foggy, or have other issues that need to be addressed? Since your windows help control the temperature in your home, it’s important to keep them in good condition by repairing or replacing glass windows as needed. Water damage can seep into your home either through cracks and chips in the glass or by saturating the surrounding area—particularly the frame. Although water damage is a pain to deal with, if the panes are intact you can simply call your local Mr. Handyman to repair the damage.

Below are the average costs for several common door window glass replacement types. Vinyl windows are low maintenance but can develop issues over time that require repair. To fix common problems with vinyl windows, first inspect the window to determine the specific problem, such as a cracked frame, worn weatherstripping, or broken locks or handles. For a cracked frame, clean the area thoroughly, then apply vinyl repair tape or filler and touch up paint to hide the crack. Worn weatherstripping can be replaced by prying off the old strip and installing new vinyl or rubber weatherstripping.

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