Music therapy for autistic people

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Music therapy for autistic people

Studies have shown that music is not just recognized by the brain on the left or right side. Just listening to music activates neural networks responsible for emotions, creativity, and motor control. Children with autism are more sensitive to anxiety, than normal kids because they are unable to filter out provoking stimuli. Classical music or music with steady rhythm is thought to be the best for alleviating anxiety in children with autism due to the predictability of the beat.

music therapy for autism

Music therapy is an individualized treatment option meaning its interventions vary from person to person. Once these criterias are met, the chance for music therapy to change one’s life for the better is limitless. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by challenges with social skills, speech/nonverbal communication, and restrictive/repetitive behaviors. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared that in the United States, 1 in 54 children have Autism.

How ImPACT® Helps Us Monitor and Assess Your Child’s Concussion Recovery

We offer services with a holistic approach, family centred, client directed experience, and with a neuro-diverse forward philosophy, presuming competence. We believe in supporting the neuro-diverse individual in achieving his/her/their authentic potential, respecting and celebrating their neuro diversity. We are trauma informed, sensory informed, use a positive behavioral approach, and individualize each program to each unique individual, to promote connection and independence. We collaborate with other service providers to support each client we serve. Ultimately, music therapy should enhance the quality of the client’s life by honing communication abilities. This helps to improve their interpersonal relationships, such as their relationships with their therapists, their family members, and their peers.

The long-term effects of auditory training on children with autism

It is used as a complementary therapy along with applied behavior analysis (ABA) and other types of interventions. Some parents find that it can be helpful to use music as a way of connecting with their children with autism. This is particularly common with children who are nonverbal or with those that have limited expressive communication abilities.

What is music therapy?

Read more about piano lessons for autism here. In fact, research suggests that music can engage parts of the brain related to the human mirror neuron system. The research found that music can be used to connect auditory and motor sections of the brain.

Finding the perfect type of music for your child is important for them to enjoy and give a calming effect. The effect of Improvisational Music Therapy on the communicative behaviors of Autistic children. However, there were also decreased connections between visual and auditory processing areas.

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