How to Turn Loved One’s Ashes Into Diamonds and Cremation Jewelry

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How to Turn Loved One’s Ashes Into Diamonds and Cremation Jewelry

Pet memorial jewelry is a timeless and thoughtful way to remember a beloved pet. After the loss of a pet, many individuals are looking for a way to keep the memories alive and honor the life of their pet. Pet memorial jewelry is a unique and special way to do just that. Not only does it provide a lasting tribute to our furry family members, but it also offers a range of additional benefits. Once your pet is cremated, you can take some of the ashes and turn them into memorial diamonds. Depending on the company you choose, pet memorial diamonds can start around $695 for a tenth of a carat diamond.

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Valyria Cremation Jewelry is one of the largest stainless steel jewelry manufactures and distributors. They have beautiful cremation products that include cremation jewelry, essential oil lockets, necklaces, accessories, and other fashion jewelry. Cremation jewelry from Cherished Emblems can also serve as a conversation starter. When someone wears a piece of cremation jewelry, it often attracts the attention of others who may be curious about its meaning.

Where Can You Buy Crystal Cremation Keepsakes?

Art glass pendants come in a variety of colors and styles and look almost like small galaxies with your loved one’s ashes swirled inside. Read more about jewellery made from ashes here. These pendants are an excellent choice for those who want a colorful memorial necklace or want something that allows them to see the ashes inside. Once the diamond has grown, the process of creating cremation rings looks similar to any other type of jewelry making.

Cremation Jewelry Costs: How Much Should You Pay?

Many (but not all) urn suppliers also offer keepsakes and jewelry for cremation crystals. If the company that turned your loved one’s ashes into a crystal didn’t offer the specific type of keepsake or jewelry you were looking for, an urn supplier might. Unlike other cremation jewelry options, ashes to diamonds are bright, personal, and eternal. Each diamond is made uniquely from your loved one’s carbon in an individualized process that you get to watch throughout the 9 months it takes to create. Cremation jewelry, in particular, has become a popular choice for many to store a token amount of their loved one’s ashes. There seems to be an endless number of cremation jewelry sites who offer an abundance of choices in quality, design, materials, and price.

This includes a keepsake jewellery box, polish cloth and authenticity certificate also any unused ashes will be returned to you. Sterling silver can be restored as needed to bring back the shine with silver cleaner applied with a jeweler’s cloth to avoid scratching. The gold-plated urn jewelry is coated in 100 milligrams of gold, making vermeil one of the best grades of plating available. A damp cloth will restore shine; we do not recommend polishing creams.

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