How to Plan a Mehndi Party

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How to Plan a Mehndi Party

Ayesha (my elder sister and co-founder of AYEINA) started the book “Prayer According to the Sunnah” (NAMAZ-E-NABWI) with her daughter when she turned 7 years old. Lecture series on the book can be found HERE (only available in Urdu language unfortunately).

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The profile photograph provides an indication of how religious the person is.

There was more to that email which we will cover later on, but the reciting of the Tasmiyyah and Takbir are one of the main reasons why the slaughter ought to be done by a muslim. The animals should be treated according to animal welfare requirements, they must be alive before slaughter, the slaughterman must be Muslim and recite the Tasmiyyah and Takbir during slaughter.. The Prophet made the meat of donkeys unlawful on the day of the battle of Khaibar. Having done a fair bit of research and thinking around gold, my preferred approach is to hold a steady 5% or so of my portfolio in gold and just maintain that regardless of price. So if gold prices rise and my gold holding becomes 10% of my portfolio, I would sell it to get back to 5%. And if gold prices fall and my holding is worth 3%, I would buy more gold to get to 5% of my overall portfolio again.

If Arabic is not your native tongue, learn the meanings in your language while trying to practice the Arabic. If possible, praying with other Muslims can help you learn how it’s done properly.

I am looking for a devout Muslim Sunni woman who comes from an orthodox family. She should wear the hijab, fast on Ramazan and should be willing to join me for Hajj. A college education is optional but I am looking for someone who is well versed with Quran, performs namaz five times and day and leads her life on the basis of the holy Quran. He should be claim, understanding, caring, loving, and at the least be moderately religious. While I believe in Allah, I expect my partner to have an open mind to mingle with people from other religions and backgrounds.

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I am keen on knowing which foods, lifestyle choices, and financial decisions that are halal or not. I enjoy sharing this information with my readers and do the research myself so that readers don’t have to. Clearly if you’re preparing meat for muslims, it makes sense for it for the slaughtered meat to be prepared by a muslim. However, if you choose to invest in gold stocks, understand that you are buying a company with all its complications and subtleties. Just like buying Shell or BP isn’t the equivalent to buying oil directly, buying gold miners isn’t equivalent to buying gold directly. All in all, if you are buying gold jewellery for jewellery – that’s great.

Let kids join in when you pray:

And thus the little persuasion in the times of laziness will be fruitful. They can only pray at the age of 7 when they have been introduced to it before that age. So here’s how we can help our children understand why salah is so important and how to pray with us peacefully. (Mothers of babies – just hang in there, it gets easier bi’idhnillah). Most mothers of small kids struggle with khushoo during salah because they are surrounded with kids 24/7. We can’t run away from kids for that peaceful time with Allah and we can’t even concentrate when we are amidst hyper active/hungry/cranky kids. So the solution that works most days is to include them in our salah time.

But if they represent a department you’re contacting, it’s a sign of respect that won’t go amiss. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait until you’re perfect to start writing in Arabic. Remember, the person you’re writing to has likely put an enormous amount of time and effort into learning to communicate in English. You’re giving power to the other party to cut off or continue contact in that language. Even if you’re fluent in another language, someone who is able to communicate in your native language is going to automatically get your full attention. You’ll hear from plenty of people that English is the language of the business world no matter where you are on the globe.

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Supposing your schedule allows you to do the latter, and we divide the 20 pages with 5 times of Salah, it gets us 4. It means that you will only need to read 4 pages of the Holy Qur’an after each Salah to finish it easily during the Holy month. No event is complete without dinner, but keep it simple and offer just a few options so guests can keep dancing. Saeed always confirms if the venue allows outside catering since most people prefer to bring in traditional Hindu dishes. The Mehndi party is about wishing the bride well and blessing their marriage. In return, couples can give guests favors like sweets, bangles, or even henna cones.

I am an artist who is passionate about Islamic art and calligraphy. I am the founder of, a website providing information on halal lifestyle practices. Growing up in the Middle East, I was taught the importance of following a halal lifestyle.

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