How to Mount a TV Between Studs

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How to Mount a TV Between Studs

Mounting a flat panel TV to the wall removes clutter and frees up ground and desk area. A typical wall mount kit comes with two mounting arms that attach to the again of your TV and a wide bracket plate, which attaches to your wall. The mounting arms lock onto the bracket plate, securing the TV to the wall. Once this has been established, with the help of your stud finder, locate the studs in the wall in the common location you wish to set up your bracket. Then, utilizing the mounting bracket as a body, place the bracket flat against the wall and align the screw locations with the marks.

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For TV mounting advice, at all times check with the TV mount instruction guide or customer care line for the mount you determined to make use of. It’s essential to confirm this before drilling as a result of when you begin creating holes, it could be very tough to troubleshoot with out inflicting further harm to the wall. And — as all renters know — pristine walls imply a happy landlord when it comes time to maneuver out. You can even take a look at by knocking frivolously alongside the wall along with your knuckles to hear for any hole spots — these are spots to avoid. Once you’ve confirmed you’ve discovered studs, mark the stud’s middle with a pencil.


If you might have a stud, go away those marks as you can drive a screw straight in, no drilling required. Pop your rawl plugs into the holes, should you went for the Grip Its, you’ll need to open up the wings at the back with a flathead screwdriver. And then it’s time to get the mount back in opposition to the wall so you’ll find a way to screw in the bolts and drive in any wooden screws into the studs. Tighten, check it’s degree yet one more time and get began on the TV bracket. It is a versatile dimension that can match most locations, and fits nearly all of wall mounting brackets for a secure viewing expertise. Once the mounting bracket is tightly secured to the studs, you’re now prepared to install the tv onto the drywall.

How much weight can drywall hold without a stud?

And if you wish to cover the wires in your wall, you may pay upwards of $1,000or extra. Now that you’ve the fundamental eye level level, you’ll find a way to safely mount the TV on the proper top on your room and family. As a common rule, the space between your seating position and the TV screen ought to be at least twice the diagonal measurement of the display screen.

TV wall mount kits will vary in worth depending on whether or not they articulate, allowing the TV to swivel upon the bracket or transfer further/closer to the wall. Because of the load of a wall-mounted TV, and the danger to pets and people should it fall, right mounting is critical. If you may have any doubts about any a part of the process or your capacity to comply with the instructions included with the TV mount precisely, call an expert. Before you start drilling holes within the wall, there are a few key issues you have to know that will help let you know how and what to make use of to mount a TV. Therefore, it’s inevitable that many people are watching some type of display screen earlier than bed, and for many people, that display is a TV in our bedrooms.

If you wrestle to straighten a picture frame or other wall decor around the home, you might wish to consider calling in the pros. A TV wall mounting specialist close to you can install your wall mount within the good location so as to take benefit of out of your viewing experience. Learn one of the best TV mounting height for comfy, immersive viewing. The center of the TV ought to be at eye stage while viewers are seated. In many circumstances, this means a TV mounting top of 40 inches, measured from the ground to the middle of the display.

How High to Mount Your TV Above Furniture

If you could have a bigger TV or a smaller bedroom, you could need to mount the TV slightly greater to make sure it matches comfortably within the area. The mounting top shall be much higher if you are hanging a TV behind your home bar than if you are hanging it on the wall reverse a regular-sized sofa. Also, bear in mind different seating areas and how often they’ll get used. A 46″ to 55″ television can look small and be onerous to watch whether it is mounted too excessive.

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