How to Deep Clean Your House Tips for Cleaning House Quicker

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How to Deep Clean Your House Tips for Cleaning House Quicker

Some of the best companies in the cleaning industry do a combination of hourly and per job. They pay their cleaners an hourly wage AND some commission percentage on each job. Before you can fix pricing, you need to know what you should be charging per hour for your cleaning services. Read more about kitchen cleaning here. Also, attending local events or trade shows related to home services can provide opportunities to meet potential clients face-to-face.

Unless you already own or have free access to equipment, special machines and cleaning agents for carpets, flooring, and exteriors can be costly rentals. Individual cleaners work primarily in personal residences, for a small number of clients — if you go this house cleaning route, you’ll spend less. Some independent contractors keep weekly appointments with a fixed schedule of clients and jobs. Other individuals are available for short-term or one-time services by the day or hour.

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When you combine all of these factors together you get a recipe for success. Doing so will give customers exactly what they want from a house cleaning company. Implement these tips to help you generate more leads, sales, and to help keep your customers longer. We often see cleaning businesses struggling to convert leads because they only follow up once or don’t follow up at all.

How Much You Should Pay Your Cleaners

Remember that some cleaning agencies may charge more than this, as they’ll need to incorporate other factors into the cleaning house costs. Each state or local jurisdiction has its own unique requirements for running a business, especially one that enters private homes and deals with chemicals. At minimum, however, most areas require all entrepreneurs, regardless of the service they provide, to register for a business license. Before setting the wheels in motion for a house-cleaning business, entrepreneurs will want to research local business codes, zoning regulations, and any sector-specific stipulations.

As a commercial cleaner, you could specialize in cleaning schools and using cleaning materials that are certified to be safe for children. If you’re hoping to work with hospitals, you’ll want to stock up on specialized materials and cleaning practices for hospitals. Part of your research must include reading reviews on Yelp and Google to see what people’s main compliments and complaints are. If customers want more flexible options, you can fill that gap in the market. For example, a house that’s cleaned weekly will eventually require less time to clean compared to a house that’s cleaned monthly.

Move or Secure Fragile Items

Online directories and review websites can help increase your visibility too. Lastly, word-of-mouth can be powerful, so provide exceptional service to your existing clients, who can recommend you to others.

A house cleaning job costs $180 on average, while the average national hourly rate is $45–$50 per cleaner, according to Thumbtack. Additionally, a 3-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot home typically costs $160 to $200 to clean. Once house-cleaning rates are established, it’s time for the individual to explore marketing options. A strong online presence—including a user-friendly website, active social media profiles, and targeted web ads—can increase visibility. However, traditional marketing methods, such as flyers, house-cleaning business cards, and word-of-mouth referrals, still hold considerable sway, especially in local communities. Offering promotions or loyalty programs can also incentivize repeat business and referrals. The average house cleaner salary is $12.61 hourly, with wages increasing to match your area’s cost of living.

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