How To Choose Between Portable Bathroom Trailers and Portable Toilets

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How To Choose Between Portable Bathroom Trailers and Portable Toilets

Modern portable toilets are made of strong, lightweight plastics. In the event of a portable toilet being tipped over, please contact our office as soon as possible to report the incident. We will dispatch a driver to come to the site and clean the unit or switch out the portable toilet with a replacement, depending on the severity of the incident.

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Compliance ensures facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities, providing ease of use and maneuverability. Whether your event is open to the public or a private function, prioritizing accessible facilities ensures that everyone’s needs are met. Finally, estimating the total users will directly impact the quantity and capacity of the facilities required. When it comes to determining the appropriate sanitation solutions for an event or construction project, evaluation of specific needs is crucial. Read more about luxury restroom trailer rentals here. This involves a thorough understanding of the overall requirements.

Understanding Permits for Mobile Showers and Restrooms

ADA and OHSA regulations require you to have at least one handicap-accessible porta-potty at a venue. These models have a larger footprint to accommodate wheelchairs, as well as disability ramps. Luxury trailers are climate-controlled and typically feature luxury plank flooring, classier finishes, and ample lighting.

The interior setup of the unit often looks like a
public bathroom but with a more high-end appearance than a basic public
restroom. Some companies can provide separate trailers for male and female
guests, and others have the two areas separated but within one trailer. The average person needs to use the bathroom between 6-7
times every 24 hours.

Different Types of Restroom Trailers

If you own a septic tank pumping business, you could bring in a partner and offer septic tank installation, repair, or removal services. Customers already trust you as a septic tank expert, and you can draw on your existing customer base to grow. Along with your rental contract, it’s important to understand the permit demands for mobile showers and restrooms. Accessibility isn’t just a legal requirement in many jurisdictions — it’s a sign of inclusivity and consideration for all users.

Additionally, the floors and walls of the trailer will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Signing the date sticker serves as proof to the customer that the service was completed. If blue packets aren’t available, liquid blue can be used as a last resort option. You would need to add the amount of a standard size bottle of water, about 16 ounces of liquid blue for each stall. Adding the additional blue for the urinals, by flushing through the toilets only. Remember, liquid blue should only be used as a last resort because it splashes and can be very messy, staining the toilet seat and surrounding floor. Please do your best to flush any residual blue down the toilet and wipe up anything that may still be on the toilet or floor.

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