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Car Shipping

We manage every part of the process; we do not act as a broker of vehicle relocation services. Our partnership with Canadian Pacific Railway gives us access to major rail lines for fast, efficient service.

If you’re shipping your car for the first time, one of your primary concerns is your vehicle’s safety. Even if you choose open-air shipping, your car will be very safe. There is statistically less than one claim for every two hundred shipments. And those are usually innocuous, like a small scratch or dent on the bumper. As you learn about first-time car shipping, you will encounter the phrases “enclosed transport” and “open-air transport.” These phrases sound a lot more complicated than they are.

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With no methodology, shipping a vehicle can seem daunting – that’s why we want to help you find the perfect partner to facilitate your purchase. Know the laws and regulations of the United States and the destination country regarding what cars may be imported, and what fees must be paid.

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Be sure that your driver acknowledges and signs off on these damages, and then contact the shipping company and your own car insurance provider right away to file claims. Your auto transport broker and shipping carrier can work with you to get through this inspection process. That possibility is especially scary for longer drives into unfamiliar areas of the country. By investing in an auto transport service, you take that possibility off the table. As your vehicle nears its final destination, whether that is in the same state or internationally, ShipLux will reach out to schedule the delivery and handoff. One of our friendly drivers will safely and carefully unload the vehicle and conduct a final inspection with you there to watch and ensure you are content. This inspection allows you to ensure that your vehicle has arrived in the same condition it was loaded, and to address any concerns immediately.

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In addition, booking early can help you save time and money through various discount opportunities. These online car shipping rate calculators provide a general estimate of what it would cost you to ship your vehicle. Due to the number of variables that are involved in the development of the price, you can only rely on this instrument so much. If you intend on shipping your vehicle, use the calculator to get an idea of how much it will cost you. Then, you can contact an auto transport specialist with the company to double-check pricing and lock in a quote. Now that you understand how car shipping works, we recommend reaching out to legitimate companies for car shipping quotes online. We found that Montway Auto Transport and Sherpa Auto Transport offer some of the country’s best car shipping options and have excellent reputations for customer service.

The company has a 4.9-star rating out of 5.0 from customers on the BBB. You can also expect to pay a higher shipping rate in late spring and early fall when car shipment demand is at its peak. Ship a Car Direct, AmeriFreight, and Montway Auto Transport have the best car shipping rates. The cost of shipping a car with these companies is about $960—or around $180 cheaper than other companies. The bidding continues until the auto transport broker picks a car carrier —usually about a week before you have to ship your vehicle.

Estimated Car Shipping Cost and Transit Times for Popular U.S Trips

To legally transport vehicles to other states, car shipping companies must obtain a Motor Carrier (MC) number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As you review transporter profiles on uShip, you can easily check if their MC number is listed, giving you peace of mind about the legitimacy and qualification of the carriers. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. With uShip’s assistance, you can navigate the complexities of car transport and make sure your vehicle reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Choosing a reputable and experienced auto transport company is crucial to ensure your vehicle’s safe transportation.

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