Boosting Business Success with WiFi Marketing: A Modern Approach to Growth by IPERA AI

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Boosting Business Success with WiFi Marketing: A Modern Approach to Growth by IPERA AI

One of the most powerful tools businesses can use is its analytics and customer data. With WiFi Marketing you can access detailed customer analytics, enabling you to engage with customers through highly-targeted communications. Using a scalable, cloud-based solution allows you to personalize relevant and real-time interactions with your customers. Utilizing’s platform, businesses are able to collect first-party opt-in data from customers in return for guest WiFi access. The information captured creates a digital customer profile that can be leveraged for future targeted marketing journeys and promotions. Wifi marketing is all about making a guest WiFi hotspot an automatic marketing platform. What is more WiFi enables to collect important information on customer movement and behaviour indoors which helps to retarget them later.

WiFi Marketing

Imagine if you could get four-out-of-every-ten customers liking you on social media. Guest Wi-Fi data is also first party data, defined as data collected directly from your audience.

Questions To Ask Related To WiFi Marketing Software

Announce new services or store additions via automated Smart Email campaigns. WiFi marketing platforms trigger marketing based on a guest’s behavior or lack of behavior at a physical location. It also tracks all marketing campaigns down to a guest walking back into your location.

In today’s retail world, offering Wi-Fi to in-store customers is a no-brainer. Not only does it help generate more sales, but it communicates to your customers that you’re willing to offer whatever resources they need to feel confident in their purchase decisions. From looking up wishlists and previous purchases to comparing pricing and inventory in competing stores, over 80% of customers routinely use their mobile devices in stores to enable purchase decisions. This is when you get customers to log into your guest WiFi via their social media accounts, so they have to avoid a longwinded sign-up procedure. When customers come in to use your guest WiFi, you know that they have an interest in the products and services you provide. More and more businesses are setting up polls and feedback forms in their WiFi networks.

This allows customers to share information about their experiences, purchases, and suggestions. Once your customers successfully log on to your WiFi network, they will be redirected to what is referred to as a splash page.

You can provide social media, email, Google, or questionnaire login options to guests, and can leverage two-factor authentication to restrict access to only those guests who accept their conditions. Here are ten straightforward steps to assist you in gathering precise user data using guest WiFi marketing platforms. While most advertising platforms work with a pay-per-impression, pay-per-click model, or a pay-per-action model, impressions on Tanaza’s advertising tool are totally free. This allows marketing professionals to build a network composed by multiple of access points, providing WiFi and showing targeted advertisements, with no additional costs for impressions, clicks or actions.

Offering free WiFi to customers increases your digital footprint too. For example, restaurants can use Instagram to get more social media followers to promote specials. A small business gets powerful marketing data and customer analytics in return. Wifi connection guests are more apt to buy when the internet sign on is free.


Conduct targeted digital advertising for select customer groups. Use rule-based marketing platform for real-time personalized communication. You can customize your splash pages accordingly by inserting the audio-video ads, displaying compelling messages that users will see during the authentication process. This captive portal is a powerful marketing tool that collects user data and segments it for tailored marketing campaigns. Read more about wifi marketing email collection here. With LinkyFi, businesses can access real-time and historical data and insights on guests personal data and behaviour within their venue.

By providing free WiFi in exchange for contact information, businesses can collect valuable data that can be leveraged to enhance their marketing strategies. However, it’s crucial to adhere to best practices to ensure that the data collected is precise and that the privacy of the user is upheld. Another unique feature is called social coupon, which allows businesses to analyze how often a coupon is redeemed or shared on social media websites. Wavespot also analyzes how many customers are return visitors, first-time visitors, as well as how long customers stay on-premise. With all these features, businesses are bound to gain valuable information to benefit their business.

From small businesses to enterprise-level WiFi Marketing solutions, Spectrio’s flexible pricing meets all needs. For example, you can A/B test promotions to see which ones people respond to more. This will save you money in the long-run when you push coupons out to your paid campaigns.

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