9 Garden and Yard Trends Coming in 2024, According to Pros

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9 Garden and Yard Trends Coming in 2024, According to Pros

Plants growing in soil that has a high pH are often stunted, have yellow leaves, and no fruit. You can start these crops from seed indoors a few months ahead of time, but that requires seed-starting supplies, such as pots and grow lights, and can be a wee bit frustrating for first-time gardeners. For crops that require a long growing season, consider buying seedlings instead of seeds. Plant your green seeds in well-drained soil during early spring or late summer. Fall crops are sown three months before the first expected frost. Cover seeds with ¼ to ½ inch (6 mm. to 1 cm.) of well-worked soil. Leafy garden greens require even moisture and consistent weed removal.

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Of course, there are plenty of other options if you prefer something a little more understated. This Corten steel one is an absolute head-turner, providing the perfect backdrop for a sleek seating area. Against the pared-down surroundings, it’s a bold and beautiful focal point and really completes the scene. Choosing a clear material like glass or perspex for the roof means that light still gets through and you can enjoy views of the sky. If the structural beams are strong enough, you could even consider hanging a chair from one of them for the ultimate outdoor relaxation spot.

Most plants prefer a slightly acidic soil, with a pH level of about 6-7, though some prefer a more neutral or alkaline soil. Many gardens are used as social spaces for relaxing or eating with a crowd of extended family or friends on a regular basis.

When considering small garden ideas, you might think that breaking up a plot into separate areas would make it look even smaller. But, zoning garden design ideas like this can actually increase the feeling of space. Here, raised garden bed ideas define the seating area in this modestly spaced garden. Though they narrow the zone, it actually lengthens the look of the space and it’s still the perfect fit for an outdoor dining table. What’s more, garden design ideas like these are a haven for butterflies and bees, which will bring even more color and life into your garden. Weave reclaimed brick pathways around the generous beds so you can admire the scene from all angles, and try adding a touch of topiary for a more refined touch. For an enchanting scene, train sweetly-scented honeysuckle or colorful clematis over your walls using trellis ideas for gardens.

How Much Lime Should I Add?

Some greens may be harvested when small or cut back for a “cut and come again” second harvest. Escarole and endive are blanched by covering the row for three days.

Trees That Will Add Value To Your Home – According To Experts

They can also be used across the space as an alternative to planting on a boundary. Patio umbrellas, awnings, canopies, shade sails and cabanas are all possible additional options to create the necessary shade around the garden. South facing gardens can be just as tricky to nail, and if your garden doesn’t provide respite, finding shade is vital so that dining and sitting out are comfortable experiences.

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Think about what your yard and garden would look like if you simply stopped collecting leaves in the fall. If you live in the country surrounded by farm fields, most of your leaves will likely blow to the next county. My situation, living on one-tenth of an acre in the Highlands of Louisville where we have as many trees as mosquitoes, it’s a different story. If I stopped collecting my leaves, at some point I’d need a snorkel to get from the front door to the car parked at the curb. Channel your personality by picking colors and textures that suit you, and think about focal points such as water features, sculptures, or small trees.

If this is the case for you, then putting in a designated area for cooking as part of your garden ideas makes good practical sense. String festoon lights up for when the sun goes down and frame the area with an outdoor rug and matching cushions to add to the homely style.

Small roof terraces or balcony garden ideas can also benefit from good garden design ideas. Textured limestone pavers add the luxe look to your garden design but are one of the more pricey options.

Learn what to do with greens in the garden and add gourmet leafy garden greens to your vegetable crisper. Depending on the size of your plantings, time requirements may range from a few minutes per day to a full time job. Think about planting your garden in blocks or beds of plants instead of single rows. Beds should be 3 to 4 feet across – narrow enough that you can reach the center from either side. Beds should be roughly 10 feet long or less, so you’re not tempted to step into the bed and compact the ground.

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